Titan N.V. is a company without business activities and without staff as per September 13, 2023. As per September 13, 2023 Titan N.V. , previously called TIE Kinetix N.V., has transferred all of its activities and operations to SPS International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SPS Commerce, Inc. in exchange for a consideration of € 68,35 million. Titan N.V. has subsequently distributed an amount of € 62,5 million as dividend to its shareholders on September 20, 2023. As per September 30, 2023 Titan N.V. is without business activities and staff. It’s primary asset is a receivable of € 3 million. The receivable is put in an escrow account with escow agent Intertrust Escrow and Settlements B.V., and serves as collateral against which certain representations and warranties can be claimed under the Share purchase Agreement with SPS International Inc.